Nunn's Express

When Next Day Is Not Fast Enough!



We are a same day delivery service based in Plattsburgh, NY.  

We specialize in providing pick-up and delivery services to our customers.  Our expertise, reliable track record and outstanding customer service is designed to meet the needs of todays fast-paced world.  Nunn's Express is the only call you need to make for your shipping needs.

Proud History


Since 1969, we have been transporting freight and air cargo.  We are fully insured and licensed by the US Dept. of Transportation.  We offer competitive rates and superb customer satisfaction.

TSA Certified


We are certified through the TSA STA security system. Which alows Nunn's Express, LLC drivers to have unescorted access to pickup and deliver freight to and from  major air carriers and all-cargo carriers. To get updated information on the company personnel's STA's click this link